La lotta al terrore

Engish extracts

Franchi and Ricci keeps their show- generously acted by the unusual trio Faloppa- Paolocà-Savatori- in dangerous balance between naturalism and grotesque- conscious of the inflammable content they are dealing with. It is a present-day burning theme, but it becomes sensible if you choose a grotesque approach, as the authors do. (Laura Bevione, Hystrio, October 2017)


A really unique performance, which attracts the public thanks to actors’ energy and emotional tension. We, enjoying the uneasiness, felt almost like hostages too. (Andrea Pietrantoni, Sipario, September 2017)


The authors are thinking of “ L’Homme révolté” (“The Rebel”) by Albert Camus, where the metaphysic revolution could justify judgement and crime against enslaved society. But here, on stage, in this play- parable about fear, the trio who works in the bureaucracy of a council,  has not antibodies to oppose violence. It acts and reacts like in Ionesco’s absurd dramaturgy. (…)It is well written, directed, acted. With situations for faintly smiling.

(Rodolfo Di Giammarco, La Repubblica, 23rd July 2017)


Thanks to the three actors the work on relations makes its precise stratification clear. The dramatic tones alternate with ironic situations, where a formal register is interspersed with typical hysterics of those who, for surviving, must shift onto absurd and nonsense.

(Lucia Medri,, 21st July 2017)


The situation, credibly represented almost like a live fact, becomes darker and darker. (…) The reality, sadly, is well represented in this portrait of three normal persons. (Simona Frigerio,, 18 th July 2017)