Diario Intimo

CapoTrave foto
written by Lucia Franchi and Luca Ricci
inspired by the diaries of Margherita A. Vanna G. Enzo S.
preserved by Archivio Diaristico Nazionale in Pieve Santo Stefano
(Margherita Adamo’s diary is published by Giunti with the title “Centodieci e droga”)

with Mirco Ferrara Federica Festa Lucia Franchi
set design Enzo Fontana
original music Marco Baroncini
light design Luigi Burroni
directed by Luca Ricci

a production by CapoTrave and Associazione Antiche Prigioni
in collaboration with Regione Toscana and Teatrino dei Fondi di San Miniato (Pi)

The dramaturgy is inspired by three diaries, preserved at the National Diary Archive in Pieve Santo Stefano. In the play there is only a part of the lives of the three diarists: the moment they fell, without putting their skills to use, is recounted.

A cruel gospel story links their stories: it is the parable of the talents, where those who always succeed in improving are rewarded and those who backslide are punished.
One of Italy’s first female doctors, a painter and a woman devoted to love and marriage, bury their talents underground: the play tells how and why.