The company

We are a group of theatre research and a production company. CapoTrave was born in 2003, is based in Sansepolcro (Ar), at Teatro alla Misericordia, and is directed by Lucia Franchi and Luca Ricci.

Capotrave is also the name of a mountain in the Apennines, in Tuscany, the birthplace of our company.

We liked the sound of the word: as harsh and real, as the lands from which we come. “Rough Appendices of the exquisite centers”, the writer Pier Paolo Pasolini described them.

We liked the link with antiquity: the large logs that were traveling across the Tiber to Rome came from Capotrave. We have done the same thing: we live and work between the Tiber Valley and Rome.
Only when we had already chosen our name, did we discover that centuries before in Capotrave, actually in 1600, lived a woman named Lucrezia Verzaia, known to all as “Maiola”. Maiola was tried and convicted of witchcraft: in a historical archive we found the papers of her trial. We once told her story in a short monologue. Ever since then Maiola has been our patron.

Since its foundation, CapoTrave has been funded by the Regione Toscana. In 2018 CapoTrave has become part of the production company Infinito srl, of whom Luca Ricci e Lucia Franchi are co-directors together with Pierfrancesco Pisani. Infinito srl is financed by the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Regione Toscana, among the theatre production companies working in theatre reaserach and experimentation.
During its 20 years of activity,CapoTrave has conceived and organized “Kilowatt: the energy of the contemporary scene”, one of the most important festivals in Italy devoted to the new languages of the performing arts (2010 Ubu Prize for the “Visionari” project; 2021 Ubu Prize as Best Curators to Lucia Franchi and Luca Ricci and 2021 ANCT Prize – association of Italian theatre critics).).

Some of the CapoTrave activities take place in Rome.

From time to time, according to the contents of the shows we are producing, we collaborate with actors, performers, set designers, light designers, and others professionals in the arts field, who share with us the creative processes.

Foundation year
Shows produced
Regions crossed
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13 April, “Le volpi”, Ravenna, Rasi Theatre, Theatre Season
23 March, “Le volpi”, Castagneto Carducci (Li), Roma Theatre, Theatre Season
22 March, “Le volpi”, Città della Pieve (Pg), Teatro degli Avvaloranti, Theatre Season
21 March, “Le volpi”, Narni (Tr), Manini Theatre, Theatre Season
20 March, “Le volpi”, Bibbiena (Ar), Teatro Dovizi, Theatre Season
16 March, “Le volpi”, Urbania (Pu), Teatro Bramante, Theatre Season
15 March, “Le volpi”, Lastra a Signa (Fi), Teatro delle Arti, Theatre Season
14 March, “Le volpi”, Verdello (Bg), Sala Abbiati
10 March, “Le volpi”, Sanluri (Su), Municipal Theatre, Theatre Season
9 March, “Le volpi”, Meana Sardo (Nu), San Bartolomeo Theatre, Theatre Season
8 March, “Le volpi”, Macomer (Nu), Teatro Costantino, Theatre Season
3 March, “Le volpi”, Molfetta (Ba), Cittadella degli Artisti, Theatre Season
2 March, “Le volpi”, Monopoli (Ba), Radar Theatre, Theatre Season
1 March, “Le volpi”, Rome, Teatro Rossellini
29 February, “Le volpi”, Sansepolcro (Ar), Dante Theatre, Theatre Season
28 February, “Le volpi”, Castiglion Fiorentino (Ar), Mario Spina Theatre, Theatre Season


30 Sept, “Le volpi”, Bagnoli di Sopra (Pd), Teatro Goldoni, Rassegna Musiké
22 Sept, “Le volpi”, Firenze, Teatro Goldoni, Avamposti Festival
9 Sept, “Le volpi”, Rimini, Città Visibili Festival
2 Sept, “Le volpi”, Todi, Todi Teatro Festival
4 Aug, “Le volpi”, Casalgrande (Re), Aria Aperta Teatro Festival
7 Jul, “Le volpi”, Maglie (Le), Villa Tamborino, Chiari di luna Festival
1 Jul, “Le volpi”, Ferrara, Ferrara Off – Bonsai Festival
30 Jun, “Le volpi”, Trieste, Litorale Festival
25 Jun, “Le volpi”, Matera, Anfiteatro delle Tamerici, Festival Nessuno Resti Fuori – IAC
23 Jun, “Le volpi”, Asti, Asti Teatro

28 – 29 Jan, “Piccola Patria”, Monza, Teatro Binario 7 / Sala Chaplin, Stagione Teatrale

14 Jan, “Piccola Patria”, Nonantola (Mo), Teatro M. Troisi, Stagione Teatrale


7 Oct, “Piccola Patria”, Foligno (Pg), Spazio Zut, Umbria Factory Festival

4 Aug, “Piccola Patria”, Alvito (Fr), Castello Cantelmo, Castellinaria Festival

31 Jul, “Piccola Patria”, Montevarchi (Ar), Chiostro di Cennano, Diffusioni Festival

4-5 Jun, “Piccola Patria”, Roma, Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo

27 May, “Piccola Patria”, Triea (Mc), Spazio Magazzini Uto, Festival Utovie

26 May, “Piccola Patria”, Sansepolcro, Teatro alla Misericordia, Kilowatt Tutto L’Anno

22 May, “Piccola Patria”, Montescudo – Monte Colombo (Rn), Teatro Francesco Rosaspina, Rassegna Oltremisura

21 May, “Piccola Patria”, Bevagna (Pg), Azienda Agricola Mevante, In Scena da Mevante

8 May, “Piccola Patria”, Ravenna, Teatro Rasi, Polis Festival

25 Apr, “Piccola Patria”, Valsamoggia (Bo), Teatro delle Ariette

23 – 24 Apr, “Piccola Patria”, Bologna, Teatri di Vita, Stagione Fuori Casa

8 Apr, “Piccola Patria”, Castiglion Fiorentino (Ar), Teatro Mario Spina, Stagione Teatrale

4 Feb 2022, “Piccola Patria”, Castelfranco Piadiscò (Ar), Teatro Comunale Wanda Capodaglio, Stagione Teatrale


Dec. 9 – 11, “Piccola Patria”, Torino, Teatro Bellarte

Nov. 13, “Piccola Patria”, Reggio Emilia, Teatro Piccolo Orologio

Nov. 12, “Piccola Patria”, Barberino di Mugello (FI), Corsini Theatre

Oct. 16, “Piccola Patria”, Cannara (PG), Teatro Thesorieri, Festival Stabismi

Sept. 17, “Piccola Patria”, Civic Theater of Caraglio (CN)

Aug. 4, “Piccola Patria”, Castelnuovo Val di Cecina (PI), Geothermal Hills Festival

July 29-30, “Piccola Patria”, Messina, Courtyard Theater Festival

July 27, “Piccola Patria”, Spongano (LE), Ultimi Fuochi Festival

July 5, “Piccola Patria”, San Prospero (MO), Una tenda in piazza (Tipì 2021)

June 2, “Piccola Patria”, Erbusco (BS), Circuit Ci.t.t.à Dolci


Oct. 11, “Piccola Patria”, Poggio Torriana (RN), Community Center, Mentre Vivevo review

Oct. 10, “Piccola Patria”, Vicenza, AB23 Space

Sept. 13, “Piccola Patria”, Noto (SR), Festival Codex

Feb. 28, “Piccola Patria”, Montemurlo (PO), Sala Banti

Feb. 27, “Piccola Patria”, Pisa, New Theatre

Feb. 26, “Piccola Patria”, Arezzo, Virginian Theater

Feb. 24-25, “Piccola Patria”, Sansepolcro, Kilowatt All Year Round, Theater at Misericordia

Feb. 20-23, “Piccola Patria”, Rome, Argot Studio Theatre

Feb. 7, “Piccola Patria”, San Miniato (PI), Quaranthana Theater, winter season

Jan. 25, “La lotta al terrore”, Trent, Spazio Off


November 5-10, “Piccola Patria”, Milan, Teatro Litta

Oct. 27, “La lotta al terrore”, Sospiro (CR), Municipal Theater

Oct. 26, La lotta al terrore”, Pordenone, Speakeasy theater season

Sept. 22, “Piccola Patria”, Calenzano (FI) Outposts Festival, Women’s Theater

Aug. 2, “Piccola Patria”, Radicondoli (SI), Radicondoli Festival

Aug. 1, “Piccola Patria”, Montignoso (MS), summer review

July 7, “Piccola Patria”, Codroipo (UD), Teatro Ottagono

July 6, “Piccola Patria”, Olgiate Molgora (LC), Casa Gola

June 28, “Piccola Patria”, Trescore Balneario (BG), Extra

June 27, “Piccola Patria”, Asti (AT), Asti Teatro, Chiesa del Gesù

Feb. 22, “Lourdes”, Marcheno (BS), Auditorium, Val Trompia theater review

Feb. 15, “Lourdes”, Rapolano (SI), Teatro del Popolo, Theater Season.

Jan. 13, “Lourdes”, Formia (LT), Bertolt Brecht Theater, Theater Season


Dec. 2, “La lotta al terrore”, Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Teatro della Limonaia

Nov. 30, “La lotta al terrore”, Lamezia Terme (CZ), Tip Teatro, Ricrii

Nov. 29-30, “La lotta al terrore”, Oppido Lucano (PZ), Obadiah Theater

Nov. 28, “La lotta al terrore”, Venosa (PZ), Lovaglio Theater

Nov. 26-27, “La lotta al terrore”, Melfi (PZ), Ruggiero Theater

Nov. 24-25, “La lotta al terrore”, Naples, North Area Theatre, Theatre Season

Nov. 24-25, “Lourdes”, Sansepolcro (AR), Teatro alla Misericordia, Kilowatt All Year Round

Nov. 22-23, “La lotta al terrore”, Sansepolcro (AR), Teatro alla Misericordia, Kilowatt All Year Round

Nov. 11, “La lotta al terrore”, Livorno, Little Bit Festival

Nov. 10, “La lotta al terrore”, Sulbiate (MI), Ex Filanda

Nov. 9, “La lotta al terrore”, Comun Nuovo (BG), Council Chamber

Nov. 8, “La lotta al terrore”, Cassina dei Pecchi (MI), Theater Season

Nov. 7, “La lotta al terrore”, Ravenna, Palazzo Rasponi delle Teste, The Theater Season (Ravenna Teatro)

Nov. 6, “La lotta al terrore”, Marostica (VI), Theater Season

Oct. 4-7, “La lotta al terrore”, Milan, Teatro Libero, Theater Season

Sept. 5, “La lotta al terrore”, Carnate (MB), Garden of the Municipal Library, L’ultima luna d’estate festival

June 27, “La lotta al terrore”, Asti, Red Devil, Asti Theatre Festival

May 6, “La lotta al terrore”, Savigliano (CN), Milanollo Theater, Theater Season

May 3-4, “La lotta al terrore”, Palermo, Teatro Libero, International Season

April 6, “Lourdes”, Pomarance (PI), Teatro dei Coraggiosi, Theatre Season

March 22-24, “La lotta al terrore”, Genoa, Teatro della Tosse, Theatre Season

March 5, “Piero della Francesca”, Pescara, Florian Espace, Children’s Season

Feb. 24, “La lotta al terrore”, Cesenatico (FC), Municipal Theater, Naufragi

Feb. 23, “La lotta al terrore”, San Giustino (PG), Cinema Teatro Astra

Feb. 22, “La lotta al terrore”, San Lazzaro di Savena (BO), ITC Teatro, Theatre Season

Feb. 14, “Lourdes”, Reggello (FI), Excelsior Theatre, Theatre Season

Jan. 27, “La lotta al terrore”, Turate (CO), Multipurpose Hall, Perspectives Theater Review

Jan. 26, “La lotta al terrore”, Spello (PG), Teatro Subasio, La Bella Stagione

Jan. 19, “Lourdes”, Lanzo Torinese (TO), Lanzoincontra Auditorium, Festival Concentrica

Jan. 18, “Lourdes”, Turin, Caffé della Caduta, Festival Concentrica

Jan. 17-21, “La lotta al terrore”, Rome, Teatro India, Theatre Season

Jan. 13, 2018, “Lourdes”, Nonantola (MO), Massimo Troisi Theater, Theater Season


November 25, 2017, “La lotta al terrore”, Fara Sabina (RI), Potlach Theater

Nov. 24, “La lotta al terrore”, Brescia, Palazzo Martinengo Colleoni, Wonderland Festival

Oct. 22, “Lourdes”, Sezze (LT), Mario Costa Auditorium, Contemporary Scenarios

Oct. 1, “Lourdes”, Sospiro (CR), Auditorium Comunale, Sospiro a Teatro

Sept. 28, “Piero della Francesca”, Cagliari, Fucina Teatro alla Vetreria

July 16, “La lotta al terrore”, Sansepolcro (AR), Teatro alla Misericordia, Kilowatt Festival NATIONAL PREVIEW

May 21-22, “Piero della Francesca”, Ferrazzano (CB), Lotus Theater, Theater Season.

April 22, “Lourdes”, Satriano di Lucania (PZ), Anzani Theater, Theater Season

21 April, “Lourdes”, Matera, Casa Cava, Theatre Season

March 29, “Piero della Francesca”, Naples, North Area Theater, Theater Season

March 22, “Lourdes”, Castelfiorentino (FI), Teatro del Popolo, Theater Between the Generations

Feb. 28, “Lourdes”, Asti, Spazio Kor, Open Theater Season

Feb. 24-25, “Lourdes”, Scandicci (FI), Teatro Studio “Mila Pieralli,” Theatre Season

Feb. 17, 2017, “Lourdes”, Arcidosso (GR), Teatro degli Unanimi, Theater Season


Nov. 24, 2016, “Lourdes”, Livorno, Nuovo Teatro delle Commedie, Little Bit Festival

September 23, “Lourdes”, Milan, Piccolo Teatro Paolo Grassi, Festival Tramedautore

Sept. 22, “Lourdes”, Sansepolcro (AR), Teatro alla Misericordia, Kilowatt All Year Round

April 3, “Lourdes”, Tivoli (RM), Teatrino Comunale, Tivoli Off

March 15, “Lourdes”, Sesto San Giovanni (MI), Teatro Rondinella, Teatro Necessario

March 14, “Lourdes”, Dolo (VE), Teatro Cinema Italia

March 13, “Lourdes”, Verona, Teatro Santa Teresa

March 12, “Piero della Francesca”, Bari, Teatro Kismet, Theater Season

March 12, “Lourdes”, Centallo (Cn), Nuovo Cinema Teatro Lux

Feb. 18 – 28 “Lourdes”, Rome, Teatro dell’ Orologio, Dominio Pubblico

Feb. 17, “Lourdes”, Magenta (MI), Cinemateatro Nuovo, Review of the Sacred

Feb. 16 – 21, “Piero della Francesca”, Rome, Teatro Dell’Orologio, Dominio Pubblico

Feb. 15 – 16, “Lourdes”, Milan, Theatre Camp, Theatre Season

Feb. 15, “Piero della Francesca”, Vignanello (VT), Teatro Comunale, Little Paths.

Feb. 14, “Lourdes”, Poggio Torriana (RN), Community Center, Rassegna Mentre Vivevo

Feb. 13, “Lourdes”, Sirtori (LC), Teatro d’Appartamento

Feb. 12, “Lourdes”, Lentate sul Seveso (Mi), Cinema Teatro Sant’Angelo

Feb. 12, “Piero della Francesca”, Marcialla (SI), Teatro Margherita, Theater Season

Feb. 5, “Lourdes”, Mogliano Veneto (TV), Busan Theater Cinema, Sacred Theater

January 23 – 24, “Lourdes”, Milan, Teatro Rosetum, Theatre Season

January 15, 2016, “Lourdes”, Ravenna, Teatro Rasi, Contemporary Scene


December 12, 2015, “Lourdes”, Ome (BS), Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell’Avello, Circuit Ci.t.t.à. sweets

Dec. 4, “Piero della Francesca”, Lastra a Signa (FI), Theater of the Arts, The Place of the Arts

Dec. 3, “Piero della Francesca”, La Spezia, Dialma Ruggiero Theater, Out of Place

Nov. 24, “Piero della Francesca”, Pisa, Teatro Sant’Andrea, Border Theaters

Oct. 16, “Lourdes”, Trent, San Marco Theater, Religion Today Film Festival

Oct. 12-15, “Piero della Francesca”, Sansepolcro (AR), Teatro alla Misericordia, Kilowatt All Year Round

Oct. 3, “Lourdes”, San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), Teatro Concordia, Invisible Theaters

September 25, “Piero della Francesca”, Taranto, TaTA’, Start-Up Festival

Sept. 24, “Lourdes”, Caserta, Officina Teatro, Festival of (In)Contemporary Arts

Sept. 5, “Lourdes”, Albinia (GR), Parsonage, MAV Maremma at Vigil

July 24, “Lourdes”, Sansepolcro (AR), Torre di Berta Square, Kilowatt Festival

July 22, “Piero della Francesca”, Sansepolcro (AR), Teatro alla Misericordia, Kilowatt Festival NATIONAL PREVIEW

June 12, “Lourdes”, Lucca, Church of San Giovanni, I Teatri del Sacro NATIONAL PREMIERE

Jan. 23, 2015, “Piero della Francesca”, Pomarance (PI), Teatro dei Coraggiosi, PREVIEW Theater Season