CapoTrave foto
by Enda Walsh
translated by Lucia Franchi
with Alessandro Roja
set design Katia Titolo
original music and sound effects Antonello Lanteri
voices off by Daria Deflorian, Irene Splendorini
and by Veronica Cruciani, Giordano De Plano, Andrea Di Casa, Federica Festa, Lucia Franchi, Francesco Montanari, Alessandro Riceci
management Laura Caruso
directed by Luca Ricci

produced by CapoTrave and Pierfrancesco Pisani/Infinito srl
substained by Kilowatt Festival and Regione Toscana
creative residency Woolcan in Roma

Passion, commitment, tenacity, conviction.Some people devote themselves completely to a mission. They are extreme, absolute, clear, unassailable. They are beautiful. They send forward broken and corruptible countries like ours. Sometimes, however, their stubbornness becomes dangerous. There is a fine line between constancy and mania. Here the breaking point is investigated.
The ambiguous reconstruction of the facts of a catastrophic day in the existence of Thomas Magill, a 33-year-old for whom reality and imagination are deeply intertwined. The recollection of a dozen or so encounters between Thomas and as many villagers in Inishfree bring to life the choral tale of a small town in rural Ireland today as a dark foreboding of tragedy sets in.
Historic hit by Irish playwright Enda Walsh, never performed in Italy. Based on exuberant and wild writing, the text is translated by Lucia Franchi, founder and playwright of the CapoTrave company. If in the original version the role of Thomas was played by film actor Cillian Murphy (the evil scarecrow in “Batman Begins” and the transgender teenager in “Breakfast on Pluto”), in the Italian version it falls to Alessandro Roja to embody this avenging angel, a terrible portrait of innocence turning into toxic madness. Alessandro Roja – already the protagonist of a previous theatrical work by CapoTrave, “I supermaschi,” from 2007 – revealed himself to the general public with the role of “Dandi” in the successful “Romanzo Criminale – la serie” (2008-2010).