Piero della Francesca.Il punto e la luce


ideation and dramaturgy Lucia Franchi e Luca Ricci
With Barbara Petti and Gregorio De Paola
video director Alessandro Paci
digital scene Andrea Giansanti
music Giovanni Di Giandomenico
light designer Gianni Staropoli
technician Lorenzo D’Anna
assistant to the director Gianluca Cheli
organization Massimo Dottorini
director Luca Ricci

produced by CapoTrave – coproduced by Kilowatt Festival
subsidized by Regione Toscana – Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo
residences of creation Rialto Santambrogio di Roma, Teatro dell’Orologio di Roma, Teatro alla Misericordia di Sansepolcro (Ar)

When a great artist’s work is distant in time, it becomes at once a “classic”. But, before being considered a classic, the same artist was an experimenter and an innovator, someone who broke the conventions of his epoch; maybe he struggled to impose his artistic language.
The play looks into a precise moment in the life of the famous Renaissance painter Piero Della Francesca, when his innovative language was almost formed, but he was still surrounded by perplexities and partial or tardy approvals. The show- based both on some true references and fictitious facts- focuses on the years 1444 and 1445.
Piero never appears on stage.
His artistic career, his lifestyle choices, his relations, are second-hand told by two persons who live and work with him: his young assistant Paolo, and Giovanna, his brother Marco’s wife.